The IKR:
Proof of Existence (PoE) 
you Need

The IKR provides the PoE that your song, picture, video, document, recipe, invention, or trade secret

Shouldn’t you have proof of the existence of your creations (or secrets) so that you can:

· Make a name for yourself?
· Make money?
· Prevent someone from profiting from your efforts without your consent?

The IKR (International Knowledge Registry) is that Proof of Existence (POE)

Get The Credit You Deserve

In today’s world, who created first usually gets the credit. But for that you need the POE the IKR can give.

Make Your Secrets Safer

Your (trade) secrets are valuable, get an IKR to prove they exist. It could be really useful in case someone steals your secret.

Insurance Against IP Hijacking

If you want to get recognized or even make money from what you created with your mind, your special knowledge – or even if you don’t - get an IKR anyway. Because you might change your mind and if someone hijacks your creation – the IKR can show it was with you first.

Don’t take a chance, secure your claim to your IP

Get an IKR now.

What can I IKR?

You can get IKRs for any digital file.




R&D documents






Does the IKR replace IP rights?

While the IKR will help you better protect your IP, it does not replace patents, trademarks, design rights, copyrights or other IP rights protections. To maximize the protection of your IP, get an IKR for your IP – and the appropriate IP rights where available.

Who uses the IKR?

The IKR is already being used by large organizations, individuals, lawyers, academics, people in the film industry, students and many more. They want to make sure their IP gets maximum protection.

If you’re an individual:

(Personal use, student, etc.)

1. Register
2. Start using

If you’re an organization:

(SME*, corporate department, member of WIPO Green, government department, educational institution, law firms and legal services)

1. Register
2. Make payment
3. Add users
4. Download and install the software
5. Start using

*SME (Small Medium Sized Enterprise) is defined as an enterprise with 50 or fewer people and turnover of US$5 million or less

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